Monday, May 2, 2011

Prostitute Nigaila Gibbs knowingly spread her STD!

 "The arrest of an HIV positive prostitute in St. Louis County has law enforcement concerned that hundreds of local men may have unknowingly been exposed to the virus. Nigaila Gibbs, 20, has had two clients a day, four days a week for several years. That is why police are concerned several men have been exposed without their knowledge. Gibbs' neighbors know little about her and police suspect that may be the case for her clients as well. With the release of her picture, they are hoping anyone who had sex with Gibbs will recognize her face and come forward. "The first thing is go see a doctor, be checked to make sure you are medically alright," Sgt. Adam Kavanaugh of the St. Louis County Police. "If they [the clients] have significant others, hopefully they will share that information with them."" - 2 News

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